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Sustainability Policy

It is the objective of David R Murray and Associates to contribute wherever possible to adopt a responsible attitude to protecting the environment by developing innovative and sustainable design solutions.
David R Murray and Associates are committed to:

Collaborating fully with all members of the project team to develop and adopt best practice sustainable development  
Specifying materials which are durable, economic and do not require significant energy input during production  
Consider as a first option, the use of recycled materials, e.g. construction demolition materials and suitable construction arisings  
Making best use of existing infrastructure before embarking on new construction  
Eco-design solutions by the removal or reduction of any environmental impacts associated with a product or a service at the design stage - e.g. by using less materials and energy; substituting non-toxic materials for toxic materials; designing a product so that it can be disassembled at the end of its useful life and its components re-used or recycled, etc.  
Local sourcing of labour and materials to reduce energy consumption  
Considering the effects of movement of spoil on site and corresponding waste production and disposal  
Working in Partnership with suppliers, and customers to promote effective and meaningful environmental best practice  
Adopting sustainable drainage systems, including close liaison with SEPA, Scottish Water, Local Authorities, and the local community,  
Adopting measures to prevent pollution and adverse impact on the environment and local community  
Training staff, suppliers and contractors to enhance awareness of environmental legislation, regulations, British Standards and Good Practice  
Minimising waste, re-use and recycling where ever possible  
Switching off non essential electrical equipment when not in use  
Adopting energy efficient plant and materials  
Balancing economic viability with environmental and social responsibility to provide lifetime design solutions